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Environmental Memories of South Central Phoenix
(George Washington Carver Museum + Cultural Center)

This interactive exhibit examines the environmental changes to South Central Phoenix and their impact on long-term residents. Museum studies graduate student Victoria Sargent led the design and production of the exhibit, which was based on the work of environmental social sciences graduate student Katelyn Parady.

Becoming Human

This video explains how the "Becoming Human" exhibit was conceptualized and brought to life by museum director Judy Newland and a team of faculty, staff and volunteers. The exhibit was part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Institute of Human Origins.

Institute of Human Origins paleoanthropologists William Kimbel, Kaye Reed and Curtis Marean discuss the institute's role as a leader in the recovery and interpretation of evidence of human origins and evolution.

Choosing a Future with Water: Lessons from the Hohokam

Get a glimpse of the creative and intensive process behind the construction of the "Choosing a Future with Water" exhibit.

Choosing the Good

Anthropologist Daniel Hruschka introduces you to the provocative research behind the "Choosing the Good" exhibit. Hruschka's team of researchers gathered data in six countries to examine cultural differences and similarities in ethical dilemmas.

What would you do? Watch two contemporary dilemmas addressed in "Choosing the Good."

Return of the Corn Mother

Judy Newland, director of the ASU Museum of Anthropology, tells the story of how the creation and appreciation of textiles moved her across the country, through life and into the influence of an amazing teacher named Edith Marsh. "Threads Through Time" is the outgrowth of the museum's digital storytelling workshop – part of the "Return of the Corn Mothers" programming – which encouraged individuals to commit their tales to film.

Trading Cloth and Culture

This behind-the-scenes look at the "Trading Cloth and Culture" exhibit was created by students in ASU's "Museums and Media" course.