Digging Arizona

September 27 – December 14, 2012

In celebration of the Arizona Statehood Centennial and the 50th anniversary of the ASU Department of Anthropology, the School of Human Evolution and Social Change examines 140 years of anthropological research in Arizona and the Southwest, an area unique in its landscape and aridity.

At first, working in the territories, through statehood and into the development of our major academic institutions, anthropologists, archaeologists and ethnographers have continuously defined and refined Arizona’s rich cultural landscape.

This exhibition explores anthropological thought from the point of view of the researchers and the indigenous communities that have contributed so much to our understanding of Arizona’s prehistoric and historic past. This exhibit tells the story of anthropology in Arizona and the way in which the ASU Anthropology department (now the School of Human Evolution and Social Change) has contributed to, and continues to affect, this ever-changing cultural landscape.




The Grand Canyon is AZ's first national park (1919).